​Experts in mold removal

We get the question all the time by our customers​"Is mold dangerous?" 

My answer to them is possibly, there are many factors that need to be considered such as

  • Are you allergic to mold, some people know they are allergic to penicillin.so yes being exposed to mold that might contain penicillium will effect you.
  •  Over exposure can definitely effect you, mold has the potential to produce toxic spores into the air you breath.
  • The Young, old and individuals who have week immune systems are susceptible to reactions with mold exposure.
  • Determining the location and the amount of mold in the home is also critical. Some people live with mold for years and show no symptoms of mold exposure.
  • ​If someone is asthmatic and is over exposed to mold, this may trigger breathing issues.

​There are approximately 400,000 types of mold and only a small percent of them have been studied. If you think mold is affecting your health in anyway. Make arrangements to see a physician and to have a mold abaitment company help you with eliminating any mold.

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